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Real Time Chat : visitors can chat in real time with your representatives.

Chat Window customization: you can personalize your popup window to suit your corporate look and feel using your own logos, banners or any graphic you like.

Customizable eLiveService button with Online/Offline notification: you can configure the eLiveService button on your web site so that it displays differently whether there are operators online or whether they are all offline.

Offline Link (1 - 2): you can configure the way for visitors to contact you when they click on the eLiveService button while no operator is online : they can be either rerouted to a web page that contains a contact form or contact information page, or they will see a window of their favorite messaging software open directly onscreen.

Chat Transcript Forwarding: Operators can e-mail visitors the transcript of their chat conversation. Or transcripts can send it to other employees or managers. For instance transcripts could be sent to department managers for billing issues or to the person in charge of maintaining and updating the knowledge base within your company.

Kick User: enables operators to disconnect undesirable visitors from the wiating Room or while a chat session.

Save Transcript: enables operators to save the transcript of a chat session.

Web Page Push : operators can push the web page visitors are looking for and this page will automatically pop up on the visitor's screen.

View Tracking Information and Profile : Operators have instant access to a profile of the visitor containing computer information and pages visited.

Knowledge Base and Canned Answers: Operators can search and use a shared Knowledge Base to find canned answers, useful URLs and more. It only takes one click to add the contents to the chat window, which decreases the response time to visitors.

Call Transfer: operators can transfer a visitor to other operators in real time when needed: for example a sales assistant can transfer a call to a technical support operator or to a sales manager.

Chat Room Manager: operators can quickly take visitors out of the waiting room and easily handle several calls simultaneously. Operators can answer one question, switch to another chat room to handle another call, and be alerted thanks to a red blinking tab as soon as previous visitors are sending new messages in the room.

Incoming Message Alert: Operators do not need to stare at their application window when there is no visitor in the waiting room. They can minimize their Operator Console window and work on other tasks. A red alert window pops up at the bottom right of their computer screen along with a beep sound to alert them of new incoming messages in the Waiting Room. If a message has been published in the Operator Room, a green toast window displays.

Dedicated Operator Room: Operators can talk with other operators and hold staff meetings in a dedicated room that displays by default on the Operator Console. All operator messages display on the transcript zone.

Operator Private Talks: Operators may also chat with other operators in private.

Web based and Hosted Administration Console: The eliveservice Administration Console is hosted directly on www.eliveservice.com and therefore accessible from anywhere using a web browser. All you need to do is click "My Account" on the website and log into the console in order to:
- Create/edit accounts for your operators
- Configure the interface of your visitors
- Configure and generate code for your eLiveService button
- Update your eLiveService subscription







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